The History of Gill's

Gill's Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning in Chillicothe IL has a long history.

  Even though Gills Refrigeration may have first started in 1965 events 26 years earlier helped cause it to happen. In 1939 three men and their families opened the Chillicothe Dairy. The men were Homer Gill, Phil McAlearny and Melvin Summer. After the Second World War started Melvin left the dairy to serve his country. Latter Phil left and went into the insurance business leaving Homers family as the sole owners and operators of the dairy. 

During WWII Homer said it was very hard to find someone to repair your refrigeration equipment. Often the dairy was forced to wait a week or more for their repairman to be able to get to them. It was suggested to Homer that he was smart enough to learn to fix his own equipment. After the war Homer went to Bradley University in Peoria to studied refrigeration and learned to repair all the equipment in the dairy. 

By sometime in the early 1960s many smaller dairies were struggling to survive. Milk price wars fueled by many larger dairies had made it hard to compete. In 1965 Homer and his wife closed the doors at the Chillicothe Dairy and Gill’s Refrigeration was born from the knowledge Homer had gained while repairing the equipment in his dairy.

 Gill’s has been providing quality service to the greater Chillicothe area ever since. At Gill’s we diagnose the problem with your HVAC equipment and then recommend the necessary repairs.  

At first year Homer did mostly refrigeration but later that year added heating and air conditioning when he became a dealer of Williamson products. In 1977 Homers grandson Gill D colwell Sr came to work for Homer and has been servicing and installing HVACR products ever since. In 2013 Gill Colwell Jr started to help in the business and has progressed to the point of having acquired considerable knowledge in the field.

  Over the years Gill’s has serviced and installed in the greater Chillicothe area all types of residential heating and cooling equipment including natural and LP gas furnaces, oil  heat, electric furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. Gill’s became a dealer of quality Carrier equipment about 1991 when Williamson went out of business temporally. Gill’s has also repaired and replaced commercial refrigeration equipment from grocery stores on down to small food prep tables. Even soft serve ice cream machines.

 Although Gill’s main focus on refrigeration is commercial many a domestic refrigerator has been repaired when the schedule allowed.  If time allows Gill’s can also diagnose antique and vintage refrigerators. If your family heirloom or prize man cave frig. is on the fritz it might still be saved.     ������rYo�6